From exciting freshwater African themes of Lake Tanganyika to a saltwater Barrier Reef, let your imagination run wild in deciding what spectacular views you would like to experience in your aquarium. For freshwater and saltwater aquariums, both natural and synthetic materials are available for the design of your particular theme. Available for freshwater aquariums are driftwoods, plants, river rocks, petrified wood and many other inspiring materials. Saltwater aquariums complete with custom, synthetic coral reef inserts make spectacular displays that can fool even the most experienced eye. The life support system of your aquarium will be suited to your aquatic specimen’s individual needs. Water chemistry, lighting, temperature, water currents, and chemical and biological filtration, will all be tailored specifically for your ecosystem. Whatever you choose, Aquarium Masters can create a healthy, vibrant aquatic habitat for you.

Aquariums provide amazing ambiance to any room as a living piece of art. Through vibrant colors and endless activity they offer captivating entertainment and soothing relaxation. Studies dating back to the 1980’s show that aquariums can reduce stress and lower blood pressure.


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