Welcome and Please Note Our New Contact Information!

Aquarium Masters Inc. is still proudly serving our city! Our business has gone through some changes with the closing of our retail store, and we are continuing to provide superior service to hundreds of aquarium and pond customers across Metropolitan New Orleans. Please notice our new contact information below and throughout our website. Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to working with you!

Originating in 1993 from a true passion and love for aquatic life, Aquarium Masters has serviced hundreds of residential and commercial clients in the New Orleans Metropolitan area. Through the years, Aquarium Masters has built a strong reputation of integrity and quality of service, setting the standard in the aquarium service industry. We pride ourselves in meticulous attention to detail and in tailoring each aquatic environment according to our client’s vision. Offering a wide range of services from aquarium installation to fish disease diagnosis and treatment, we eliminate all of the guesswork, which enables you to relax and take pleasure in your dream aquarium.

Aquarium Masters specializes in stunning, custom acrylic aquariums. We work with the most dependable and reputable aquarium fabricators in the industry. Working with you every step of the way, we will help you decide on an aquarium shape, size and theme that will compliment your home or office décor. After aquarium installation is complete, Aquarium Masters will take you on the exciting journey of fish and invertebrate selection for your aquarium. In order to promote a healthy ecosystem for the aquarium inhabitants and to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the aquarium, we will establish a service program to address the needs of your aquatic environment. The possibilities are endless. Let us be a part of creating a magnificent, aquatic setting for you today!


Mario M. Price
Founder and President
Aquarium Masters, Inc.


Aquarium Masters, Inc.
P.O. BOX 740135
New Orleans, LA 70174-0135

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